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Test Leadership Congress is an international conference featuring emerging trends, latest developments, experience and practical advice in software quality leadership and management.

The conference program 2020 is designed for comfortable learning and maximized interactive participation from the safety of your home:

Summer Season: July 20th through August 21st
Tutorials: September-October 2020

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Rihab Loukil

"I'm a context-driven tester, a Peer Advisor on the RST (rapid software testing) class, James Bach's student, and a Ph.D. student in software testing.
Reference: https://www.satisfice.com/

So, if you are a recruiter here is how I can help you: I am conducting a research about what happens during testing sessions (testers behaviors), this may help you optimize your testing workflow, develop brand new testing tools or create better courses/workshops for testers, just to name few.

One thing I am very good at is investigating. Asking questions, taking notes, reaching for outstanding people and possibilities, and reconstructing the puzzle to get the full image. Then we will think about how to act on it.

Here is a second thing I am good at meeting people, interviewing them, falling in love with those who are true to themselves, and seeing clearly what they have in special.
Yes, people like to be told about their strengths and talents, but I don't just tell, I investigate. What makes THIS person so? why did he do that? how can he manage things this way? And find patterns out of that. Expertise is not a ghost. Expertise is basically people-intrinsic.

What helps me get very easy into "authentic people"s close circle are my faith and my principles. I don't try to please or to impress anyone. I am free. I just follow my instinct to answer my questions.

Otherwise, here is a way I can spoil your business and probably your life, hire me to do repetitive work or any stuff that doesn't require creativity, imagination, and thinking.

Now for non-recruiters:

If you are interested in context-driven testing, human behavior, social, cognitive, and psychological sciences applied to software testing: then we have most in common then you think! Come on, ping me, so we can have a zoom meeting and tell each other about books we've read, experiences we've led, and little discoveries from real word (not test automation ghosts one).

None of the above? Life is too short. Consider a big dream, start working on it immediately, and stop wasting time. You still can reach for me to help you see the opportunity just in front of you and make a difference in this miraculous experience called life!"

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, August 18

8:00pm EDT

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